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Active Hands make a range of fantastic products for those with reduced hand function. But how can you or your client use them in the real world? Read on to find out!

If you are not sure which of the Active Hands gripping aids will work for you or your client then take a look at our handy guide: which gripping aid is best for me?


If you work with clients with reduced hand function then this section is for you. Find out how Active Hands can increase independence for your client.


Get ideas on how you can use your Active Hands product to increase your independence:


How can you give your child access to more of life? Find out here:

The Active Hands range of gripping aids has been specifically designed to suit the life you lead. If you require one of our regular gripping aids but with different measurements, upgraded components for lifting heavier weights or an adapted design we offer a bespoke service (additional cost involved).