Oliver Hester wearing aid view from thumb sideActive Hands offers a bespoke service  for those who do not fit into one of our standard aids.

If your wrist or hand measurements are outside of our ready-made measurements (see size guide tab on the relevant product) made-to-measure gripping aids are available starting at a cost of 50% surcharge on top of the normal price of the aid. For further information or for a quote contact Rob.

Bespoke aids, based on our current designs, are custom made to fit your requirements. If we cannot find an existing solution for you then we can make an aid based on your measurements. The aids are priced individually depending on the number of hours of work required to design and make them at a cost of £30/hour including materials and the finished product. If you are interested in a bespoke aid please contact Rob for further information or for a quote.

Previous bespoke aids that we have made range from small modifications for children with tiny hands to those who need an aid designed from scratch. We have worked with Paralympians to design aids that incorporate team gloves and with those who need special attachments for their sport.

Here are a few bespoke aid case studies:


lara close up aidLara was born with no left hand. She has a little bit of wrist movement but no hand or fingers.

Lara’s Mum got in touch with the Active Hands design team and they created a gripping aid, based on our General Purpose aid, especially for Lara.

Lara can now take part in many more activities. Her Mum tells us what she got up to on the first day of having her bespoke aid:

“…this [the bespoke gripping aid] enables Lara to hold onto things like a scooter handle, a wheelbarrow, a swing rope, a hockey stick, a broom – and these are just the activities we tried on day one… She is delighted – as are we – and thank you so much for taking the time to get this right for her.


Craig 4Craig was injured whilst serving in Afghanistan. He lost both his legs, then later, in a secondary incident sustained a further accident resulting in loss of his hand.

The bespoke aid needed to be weight bearing above his elbow, hence the larger design. 


Nicky Maxwell Photo 1 of hand 29-05-2013Nicky has a limb difference affecting his hand. He has a thumb and two fingers on his right hand. He wanted a gripping aid to help him to perform Olympic Lifts (a set of lifts using a bar bell). Without any device the heavy bar was resting on his bare knuckles and was not held safely. Due to his unusual hand he was not able to use one of our standard gripping aids.

The design team created him a special aid with a twist in it to enable him to lift the weights safely and in comfort.