Our customers aren’t all gym fanatics with Olympic ambitions, some are the parents of children who need a little extra help to grip – and that’s what we’re here for! Here you can read all about the challenges and victories of our under-18 community!

Finding your own way

Fiona smiling

Anne-Marie describes her 8 year old daughter with well-deserved pride and here at Active Hands we love reading about our customers’ inventiveness and determination.

Finding confidence and independence

General Purpose aid Yemina on walker

Yemina is an active, fun and smart twelve year old from Canada who loves to read or hang out with friends.  She also has cerebral palsy which affects all of her movement and her level of independence.  Her mum, Shoshana, explains that Yemina’s cerebral palsy makes any activity involving movement a challenge, but particularly those involving hand control.  “She has a lot of extra movement through her arms and hands when she tries to use them.”  This extra movement means that pushing buttons, grasping items or maintaining a grip of them can be really challenging for Yemina. For years, Yemina…

Personal Ponies get Active Hands

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As I have mentioned in the past, the main aim of The Active Hands Company is to improve disabled people’s lives by offering products that enable users to overcome potential barriers and gain independence. We ship our products all over the world, catering to people with a vast range of disabilities and conditions, and there’s nothing we love more than receiving positive feedback from our clients and hearing the impact our products are having on people’s lives. It really does make it all worthwhile. We would therefore like to share a story with you about a fantastic charity in America…

Active Hands on BBC’s Children in Need!

Children in Need Pudsey bear

On Friday 15th November, BBC’s Children in Need raised its highest ever total of £31.1m supporting over 2,600 projects all over the United Kingdom. Featured on the programme was an appeal film, presented by Tom Jones, about Tomos, aged 10, who lives near Newport, south Wales with his mum and dad. Tomos has mild cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is on the autistic spectrum, and has gained his first taste of independence, thanks to the paediatric physiotherapist at Pedal Power in Cardiff who is funded by a grant from BBC Children in Need. Though Tomos himself doesn’t use Active Hands Aids,…