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How do I use Active Hands’ products as an Athlete?

Jillian Elwart Paralympian Kayaking  | The Active Hands CompanyJillian Elwart Paralympian Kayaking
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Active Hands gripping aids are designed to withstand the level of training that elite athletes put them through! Sport has been shown to play a huge part in people’s lives, benefitting them both physically and mentally. Active Hands’ selection of gripping aids is designed to ensure that a person’s disability doesn’t have to stand in the way of this. Used all over the world by athletes both casual and professional, our aids not only help you access sport but excel at it; having helped many Paralympians and international athletes realise their dreams.

Incorporating Active Hands into Sport as an Athlete

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Deadlifts with the General Purpose aid | Active Hands Gripping aidsDeadlifts with the General Purpose aid
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Case Study: Jillian Elwart

Born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, Jillian is missing several fingers on her right hand and has been wearing a prosthetic leg almost her entire life. Not one to let this hold her back however, a few years ago she had a go at kayaking and became instantly hooked. The one issue was that she lacked the grip and supination in her right hand needed to adequately hold and operate the paddle. After trying out numerous different straps and aids, Jillian was recommended Active Hands, and in her own words, “it changed my game”. Being able to not only grip the paddle firmly with both hands, but also access gym apparatus she had previously been unable to, Jillian has taken the kayaking world by storm, competing at both national and international levels. Having won medals at numerous events, Jillian has her eyes firmly set on Tokyo 2021, taking her Active Hands with her every step of the way! “The gripping aid allows me the ability to train my right side with the full effort that I train my left. I can also grab my paddle with confidence that it is secured to my hand.”

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