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Lite Aid

For light items only

Lite Aid


The Lite aid is not to be used for holding heavy items.

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Our Lite aid is perfect for those who have one-sided weakness due to Stroke or hemiplegic CP who want to perform daily activities but need a little grip support. It’s important, for Stroke recovery, to be able to perform everyday tasks with an affected arm, but often finger strength prevents this. This aid gives you a helping hand!

The Lite aid is a thin and lightweight grip assist product. It folds back onto your wrist when not in use, meaning it is always there when you need it.

Where can I use my Lite aid?

  • In the kitchen for holding cooking equipment like our right-angled knives, or other chunky handled spoons, whisks or stirrers.
  • Out and about for pushing a trolley, walker or pushchair
  • For carrying shopping bags to the car
  • In the home for holding an electric toothbrush, button puller or hair brush
  • For Gardening or lightweight workshop tools

How do I use my Lite aid?

You wear the Lite aid on your wrist. There is an overhand strap that fits through a buckle and fastens back over your hand. When you fasten the strap, it gently pulls your fingers around to grip the selected object. The shape of the overhand part, keeps your fingers enclosed in the aid.

When you are not using the aid, it can be folded up and stored on your wrist until you need it again. Fasten the strap along the back of the hand section.

The aid is made of a soft fabric that is strong enough to help you grip items but soft on your skin.

You can wash your lite aid in a washing machine at 40Β°C. Please ensure that you fasten the velcro first!

What is the Lite aid not suitable for?

Do not use this aid for holding weights, in the gym or for heavy use situations.

It is designed to be an assistive grip aid for lightweight items only.Β  It does not have the additional webbing strength support and neoprene lining layer required for these heavy use activities.Β  For these activities please use our General Purpose gripping aid.

Please be aware that, once the lite aid is fastened, you can’t let go of the object.

Size Guide for General Purpose and Mini gripping aids

Use this size guide to find out which General Purpose, Lite or Mini gripping aid will best fit your hand and wrist.

Active Hands size guide. Picture of hand with circumference of wrist marked as "A" and length from bottom of hand to top of middle finger as "B"

A = circumference of narrowest part of wrist

B = length from crease line (where hand joins wrist) to tip of middle finger

A: Wrist Measurement

120mm – 140mm135mm – 150mm145mm – 185mm180mm – 220mm
A: Wrist Measurement

B: Wrist to Middle Finger

120mm – 140mm135mm – 175mm175mm – 210mm195mm – 280mm
B: Wrist to Middle Finger

(n.b. measurements are approximate)

This guide gives a rough idea of which gripping aid to purchase based on age:

Children up to age 5Over 5s and petite adultsAdultsAdults with larger hands
General Purpose gripping aid size guide.
The Mini and General Purpose gripping aids come in 4 sizes.

If you have specific requirements which are not met by any of our sizes, we may be able to manufacture a bespoke aid to suit your needs.


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