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Glove Pilot

Glove Pilot


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Getting winter gloves on when you have hands that don’t do what you want can be tricky. The Glove Pilot helps you to guide your hands into your gloves.

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The glove pilot sits inside your gloves and the channels help to get your fingers into the fingers of your gloves. Make sure your hands are warm on chilly days!

Please note that you may need the help of a career to get the glove pilot into your gloves in the first place. We like to be honest about our products – this product may not be useful to you if you are not able to get your hand flat or have no control over your fingers.

These glove pilots are also great for children – set them up the night before ready for the school run on frosty mornings. Put wet gloves on the glove pilot and hang them up over a radiator so they are ready for the next day.

Key Features

  • Comes as a pair – perfect for hanging gloves to dry!
  • 2-in-1 – doubles as a shoehorn too.
  • CPSIA Section 101 compliant (lead-free)

Add the Glove Pilot to your toolbox…

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