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1-Up One Handed Hair Tie

1-Up One Handed Hair Tie


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The 1-Up Hair Tie is a method of creating a ponytail for those with one-hand or those who have reduced hand function. You can also use it to create pigtails, buns or wear it as a headband.

The device consists of a long hair elastic with a toggle on it. You can use it to create a ponytail with one hand or with hands that have reduced function by putting the elastic around your head and pulling. You can then wind the excess string around the ponytail. There are several methods of using the 1-Up Hair tie to suit different abilities.

This product is extremely useful. Once you know how to use it (and I was able to do it from the very first time I tried), it’s very easy to make a pony tail. This product shows that once things are adapted, it’s very easy to be independent.


You can use the 1-Up Hair Tie if you have:

  • Broken your shoulder, arm or wrist
  • Paralysis in the hand, arm or shoulder
  • A limb difference affecting your hand(s) or arm(s)
  • Other upper limb mobility challenges

Put the hair tie in with one hand, residual limbs, two hands or your feet!

The ‘Will it work for me?’ tab above will help you to decide if the 1-Up Hair Tie will suit you. The ‘How-to Videos’ tab shows how the hair tie can be used with a variety of disabilities and you will also find instructions on this page.

The Double-Loop tie has a secondary loop to help you tighten the tie around your hair. If you struggle to grip the tie well enough to pull it tight this might be the hair tie for you!

Our Australian customers may like to purchase from the 1-up hair tie website as you may find postage is cheaper.

Please note that the 1-Up Hair Ties are non-returnable for hygiene reasons.

We have a wide range of one-handed products in our web shop.

1-Up Hair Tie Instructions

Here are 3 suggested methods for creating a pony tail; they are based on the creator’s amputee abilities. All methods assume you have one fully functional hand and have a relatively normal range of movement.

  • Method 1 – for people who have some form of upper limb functionality.
  • Method 2 – for people who have limited upper limb functionality.
  • Method 3 – for people with partial paralysis (an alternate method can be seen in the how-to video for hemiparesis/ paralysis).
Instructions for using the 1-up hair tie. These instructions give 3 methods for pony tails and 1 method for pig tails

How-To Videos

1-UP, The one hand hair tie

For two hand paralysis or hemiparesis

Will the 1-Up Hair Tie Work for Me?

With the 1-UP Hair Tie there are a few things you need to be able to do, no matter your abilities and differences:

  1. Can you put a headband in your hair? (Part of setting up the 1-UP to make a pony tail)
  2. Do you have strength needed to pull the elastic tight? (Need to be able to pull tight to get the best hold on your hair)
  3. Can you reach the top or back of your head? (Need to be able to reach a little to guide your hair to the desired pony tail position – and to wrap or pin up the loose ends of the elastic)

4 reviews for 1-Up One Handed Hair Tie

  1. Roma

    Roma (verified owner)

    Love this hair tie!! I have frozen shoulder and can’t lift my one arm up. Thank you to whoever invented this!!

  2. Mélanie Rousseau

    Mélanie Rousseau (verified owner)

    Ma fille est paralysée du bras droit suite à un AVC. Malgré les vidéos elle n’arrive pas à utiliser le produit. il lui est impossible de coinçer l’élastique sous son pied et ensuite se relever pour faire glisser l’ensemble. L’élastique semble trop court

    • Clare Reynolds

      Clare Reynolds

      Hi, I am sorry that this product didn’t work for your daughter. If you would like a longer version we can make one for you?
      Bonjour, je suis désolé que ce produit n’ait pas fonctionné pour votre fille. Si vous souhaitez une version plus longue, nous pouvons en faire une pour vous ?

  3. Amanda Preston

    Amanda Preston (verified owner)

    Brilliant product I can finally tie my hair up myself, giving me a little more independents.
    I have forwarded your website to the stroke association as I believe that you do great products to help. Thank you

  4. justrandomj.00

    justrandomj.00 (verified owner)

    It finally allow me to do my own hair.
    The reason why i gave it just 4 stars is because that, when you wrap around the elasctic after the toggle is secured, it often becomes undone, so what I do is, grab another spare hair bobble and wrap it up into a bun, that I can do. So just keep in mind. I would reccomend to get bobby pins to secure the ends in place.

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