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Sixth Digit 2 Stylus Tips

Sixth Digit 2 Stylus Tips


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The Sixth digit 2 package comes with two stylus tips. But if you want to give your spare sixth digits to a friend or if the tips get a bit tatty, you might need to get a set of spares.

This set of two tips screw into the end of the sixth digit 2.

The sixth digit is a stylus designed for those with reduced hand function. It fits over your last two fingers, giving you a sixth digit to help you out when using technology (hence the name!). The stylus is made of a carbon infused nylon. It works as a stylus on all touch screens around the house. These stylus tips give you more control over what you are clicking and prevent your device from becoming scratched.

“I bought the Sixth Digit 2 to help me with typing. I have found by putting it on my second finger I can type really easily and I can put it on on my own without asking for help. I’m C6 incomplete with no finger movement. Thank you to this aid I can type easily. Thank you.”

The sixth digit 2 has been shortlisted for a Blackwood design award.