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The SpillNot is a cup holder with a difference. Its design means that it is difficult to spill the contents of any glass or mug that is placed on it. You can swing the SpillNot as much as you like and the drink stays in the mug! This is particularly useful for carrying hot drinks, which you cannot place in your lap.

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Use your SpillNot for carrying mugs, glasses and small bowls. You can remove the non-slip coaster (included) and use it to protect furniture. You can also use the coaster as a jar opener.

The SpillNot has a curved plastic body with a non-slip platform for cups or glasses, and a fabric handle that you can slip your hand into.¬†The looped, fabric handle prevents you from applying a lateral force to the liquid in the cup, so the liquid doesn’t spill (the science is quite complicated!).

Testing out the SpillNot

Rob tested out the SpillNot at home. His wife, Jo, was delighted to get a cup of tea in bed on Mother’s Day:

SpillNot drinks tray carrying mug with Mother's day card. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.After 7 years of marriage, this morning I had my first ever cup of tea in bed from my husband, made possible by the SpillNot. My husband is tetraplegic and so carrying things between rooms, especially drinks, has always been very difficult. But not anymore!¬†For me, it’s always the small things that mean the world and I felt very spoilt this morning. Thank you for a fantastic product….I think I could get used to this!


Safety First:

When used with caution and common sense, the SpillNot allows you to carry your favourite beverages without those messy annoying spills.¬†NOTE: this amazing invention is based on physics not magic. If it is bumped, shaken vigorously or aggressively spun, drinks could spill. It’s great fun to push the limits of the SpillNot but please be careful, and practice before attempting tricks near other people.¬†Please exercise caution when carrying hot drinks, you could scald¬†yourself if spillage occurs.

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*Mug (and hand) not included

6 reviews for SpillNot

  1. stoffsky

    stoffsky (verified owner)

    I recently got my SpillNot and I love it! No more slow walk of super concentration from the kitchen to my study where my weakened CMT legs and hands would still cause numerous spills. Now I walk like a boss with my cuppa swinging safely in my SpillNot.

  2. amaguire118

    amaguire118 (verified owner)

    Brilliant aid to carrying cup of anything, hot or cold, without spilling it. No more mopping up the floor, getting stains out of the carpet, avoiding the children, fantastic aid.

  3. Caroline

    Caroline (verified owner)

    This is the most amazing gadget ever. I don’t understand why it isn’t standard issue to everyone who is unsteady walking or who uses a wheelchair. I used to try to carry mugs of tea on my lap, where they would slop everywhere. No longer. My mother (90, severe arthritis) loves hers too.

  4. freedomlife54

    freedomlife54 (verified owner)

    It is good as you r drink does not spill everywhere it does what it says it is a handy gadget to have no more drinks on the floor to mop up it is suitable for hot and cold drinks I is amazing

  5. Geoffrey Egan

    Geoffrey Egan (verified owner)

    Brilliant gadget for carrying drinks. No more tea or coffee on the floor. Highly recommended.

  6. Thomas Neale

    Thomas Neale (verified owner)

    I can finally male my Mum a cup of tea without leaving a trail behind me. Its so useful and easy to use. I wonder if they make anything similar but on a larger scale for carrying plates or bowls? I would definitely be interested in they did.

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