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EazyHold straps allow you or your child to hold onto a wide range of items with ease. Attach them to your toothbrush, pens, hairbrush, cutlery or anything else you can think of! The Sippy cup/bottle holder strap has large holes that can be used for water bottles, sippy cups, tennis rackets, hair dryers, phones or TV remotes.

Great for all ages, the EazyHold straps come in a variety of sizes and packs. There are different strap lengths and different hole sizes. To help choose the best on for you take a look at the sizing tab above for measurements and uses.

EazyHold straps are anti-slip to keep them in place on your chosen object while in use. Once you’re done the strap can be used to hang your item up.

The straps are made of food grade silicone and are hypoallergenic and latex free. They can be washed in the dishwasher or sanitised with disinfectant wipes.

EazyHold Size and Uses Guide

This table should help you to decide which size EazyHold strap you need for your specific use. If you are not sure which size will suit your use, then why not buy a multi-pack?

Who is it for?Hole SizeExample Uses
Yellow10.24Babies hand
One or two adult fingers
SmallBaby: teether or rattle
adults: stylus or crochet hook
Pink10.24Child aged 2 – 5 yearsMediumMarker, fork, toothbrush, barbie doll
Green11.44.5ChildMediumLarger items like electric toothbrush or hairbrush
Orange12.75Youth to small handed adultsSmallPencils, paintbrushes, cutlery
Blue13.35.25Children to small handed adultsMediumChild gait trainer, bicycle handlebars, make-up brushes
Lavender13.35.5Youth to adultsSmallCutlery, art implements, drumsticks
Aqua16.56.5AdultsMediumElectric toothbrushes, walkers, gait trainers, exercise equipment,
brooms and rakes, paint rollers, garden hoses, and outdoor equipment
Sippy cup/
bottle holder
19.17.5AllLargeSports bottles, sippy cups, baseball bat, mobile phone, handlebars, hair dryer
Table showing Sizes of EazyHold Straps and their Uses


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