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Soloc Connect

Soloc Connect

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Soloc Connect Belt

Tubular Frame Clamp × 2

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The Soloc Connect is a wheelchair lap belt with the easy-to-use Soloc Buckle for those with reduced hand function. You can operate the buckle with limited hand function due to its magnetic design.

How does it work?

Our simplest Soloc lap belt, the belt can be fastened by simply placing the stud side near to the buckle, and magnets pull it closed. This activates a physical connection so you are secure in your wheelchair. You can tighten your belt by pulling on the large D-Ring to adjust for clothing. You can  release the buckle by pushing against the release button or by pulling on the pull tab – no more waiting for assistance to undo a fiddly clasp!

What sizes do you offer?

The Soloc Connect belt itself comes in one length. You can adjust the belt to fit at the fixing point to the wheelchair. There is a small adjustment at the centre of the belt (rear-pull) to allow for changes in clothing.

The Connect belt is available with or without padding. The total padded length can be either 600mm or 800mm. You can remove your padding and wash it at 40°C on a synthetics cycle. If your padding get worn or heavily soiled, replacement padding is available.

The belt, without padding, has no minimum length and 1500mm maximum length.

The belt with 600mm padding fits from 620mm to 1500mm. And the 800mm padding fits from 820mm to 1500mm.

The webbing belt is 50mm wide and is made of polyester.

The belts come with fixings for connecting through pre-existing holes in your chair. If you do not have holes in your frame, then you will need two of the Tubular Frame Clamps listed as an option item above. Also available are Frame Saver Clamp sets.

We recommend that you get your lap belt fitted by a professional. Please note that these belts are not suitable for restraining a passenger in any vehicle.

All Soloc belts are tested to ISO 16840-3 and ISO 16840-10 and are CE and UKCA marked.

Soloc Connect Spares are available for padding, fixings and velcro circles.