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MacWet Wheelchair Gloves


MacWet Wheelchair Gloves

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The MacWet gloves are a sports glove that performs well in wet conditions. They give you a grip in wet weather and also in the dry. There are many uses for the gloves in various sports. Rob has been using them to get a grip on his push rims when its raining.

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This climatec version is fleece lined, water resistant and windproof to insulate and protect. The MacWet gloves can go into the washing machine at 40°C.

Rob’s opinion on these gloves

We always like to give you products that we have tried and share our honest opinions. This is what Rob says about these gloves:

After 25 years as a wheelchair user, I still hate having to push around in the rain on wet push rims.  Even with grippy push rim surfaces when the rain comes down it’s just a complete nightmare particularly for those of us with reduced ability to grip push rims with our fingers.

These wet weather pushing gloves are the best solution I have found so far.  They are not perfect but pushing on wet push rims with any grip solution will never be as good as pushing dry rims.

I have compared them to my usual gloves and they do give a much better grip on wet rims than my gloves or anything else I’ve tried.  The MacWet gloves are made from a patented high tech fibre called Aquatec® which increases grip in wet conditions to help you negotiate your way round outdoors on the occasions when pushing in the wet is required.

The MacWet gloves come in a long version with a firm wrist strap to keep them in place. They do have fingers, which may make putting them on difficult for some users. These gloves are not durable enough to be used as an everyday glove, as they are quite thin and will wear through with excessive use or braking, but are perfect to keep with your chair for those times when pushing in the rain is required.

Although the MacWet gloves do have some limitations, they are the best wet weather pushing glove I’ve found and are the ones I use myself.

If you are after a more sturdy push glove then see our push gloves/quad cuffs.

MacWet Gloves Size Guide

Please measure in centimeters across your hands, just below the fingers as shown in this diagram:

size guide for MacWet gloves

This dimension is the size of glove that you need e.g. if you measure 7cm then you need a size 7 glove. We recommend going down a size if you are between sizes (e.g. if your hand measures 7.5cm we would recommend a size 7 glove).


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