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Soloc Freedom Wheelchair Lap Belt

Soloc Freedom Wheelchair Lap Belt

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Soloc Freedom Belt


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Frame Saver Clamps (pair)

FlexiFix Extender Plate

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The Soloc Freedom is a lap belt that can be operated by those with very reduced hand function in both hands. Or even by those with limb difference in both hands!

How does it work?

The FlexiFix arms stay upright while you transfer in and out of the seat. This avoids the annoyance of transferring into your seat and discovering you are sitting on your lap belt!

To connect the buckle simply push down on both arms. This does not require any hand function. The buckle side has a cup that the stud side drops into. The magnets help the Soloc buckle to connect. Once connected, a physical connection is activated to hold you safely in your wheelchair.

To release the buckle either push on the release tab, or pull the pull tab – as easy as that!

The Freedom gives you just that – freedom to independently transfer, and fasten and release your lap belt.

What about sizes?

The Freedom belt is available in one-size, with optional extender plates to increase the size. The FlexiFix arms of the Freedom belt have several fixing holes to choose from, depending on the length needed. The distance between fixing points goes from a minimum of 720mm to a maximum of 880mm. The optional extender plates add up to 120mm per arm.

If you need to fix the Freedom belt to a wheelchair that does not have fixing holes in the frame, you can use a pair of frame saver clamps.

The total padded length of the Freedom is 600mm. Cleaning instructions can be found on the ‘Care’ tab. Replacement padding can also be purchased separately.

All Soloc belts are tested to ISO 16840-3 and ISO 16840-10 and are CE and UKCA marked.

Soloc Freedom Spares are available if you need to replace padding, fixings or velcro circles.