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Fidlock Essentials Bag


Wrap around base for your wheelchair

The Fidlock Uni Base wraps around your wheelchair frame and holds the Fidlock essentials bag and bottle

Fidlock Uni Base

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The Fidlock Essentials bag is a handy bag for all those little things you need when you are out. The bag connects magnetically to its base and can be released by twisting.

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The medium sized bag can fit small items like your keys, phone, medication, wallet and other small items. It has a key hook and small, elasticated pockets on the outside too.

There is a handy shoulder/waist strap that tucks away into the bag when not in use.

The stylish Essentials bag is well designed and made to be durable. It is water repellant.

The Fidlock Essentials Bag comes with a screw in attachment (sorry, they are designed for bikes). If you do not wish to screw into your wheelchair frame (and we don’t recommend it) then you can purchase a uni base that wraps around the frame.

Please note that if you have purchased a Fidlock bottle with a uni base, this bag will fit on the same base.

Why not add a Zip Grip to make getting into the bag a little easier?


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