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This reacher is uniquely designed for users with reduced hand function, and so offers a far superior functionality to any others we have trialed.  The reacher is simply operated by wrist extension so no need for finger function or an ability to give a firm squeeze. This is a fantastic feature for quadriplegics and those with reduced hand function. The device is adjustable to your measurements and is available in left or right hand variations.

It is made of high quality materials that are both durable and light-weight. The jaws are coated with rubber to give a good gripping surface.

There are many uses for this Reacher, here are some suggestions of how you could use it:

  • pick up items from the floor/ground – telephone, wallet, pills, pencil, coins, etc.
  • take items from, or place them on, shelves or into drawers
  • pick up or place items from a distance away
  • open/close windows
  • take jackets, hats, scarves, etc. from the coat rack
  • roll down/up roller blinds
  • pick up or grab from a distance a catheter or other aid
  • put laundry into the washing machine or drier
  • make the bed
  • take dishes (cups, plates, etc.) from the cupboard
  • load or unload dishes into the dishwasher
  • take food from the freezer
  • place food into the microwave for heating

The reacher is 75cm long, weighs 440g and can lift up to 3kg of weight.

2 reviews for Reacher/Grabber

  1. Peter Hamilton

    Peter Hamilton (verified owner)

    Obviously this a very expensive bit of kit, and although I do use it quite regularly, I wouldn’t say it’s worth the money. I am a c5/6 complete tetraplegic and possibly because my hand is a little loose for tenodesis (I struggle to pick up very small things), I am unable to get the grabber to close completely and therefore can’t pick up small objects. It also only opens to 1.25 inches and so can’t be used to pick up anything larger than this. It can be useful for hooking things with the jaws open though, such as opening a high kitchen cupboard and hooking the handle of a mug. It is also doesn’t stay super securely on my arm when using as it. Perhaps if they added a velcro strap around the forearm it would help. Also, although it’s adjustable, the bolts are all adjusted using a tiny allen key and so are easy to chew upon tightening and are and not tetra-friendly. They also tend to work themselves loose every so often. Not what you would expect for something this price.

    • Clare Reynolds

      Clare Reynolds

      We’re sorry to hear that you are not finding the reacher/grabber works well for you.

      The reacher can be adjusted to enable you to pick up the smaller items without flexing your wrist as much. There is a screw for the allen key at the top of the long metal bar.

      Larger items, such as water bottles can be picked up by putting them inside the jaws.

      The arm section can also be adjusted to fit snugly.

      I’m sorry that you are finding the bolts get chewed up – we have made the manufacturer aware of this and we are happy to provide you with replacements.

  2. Costandina Whybra

    Costandina Whybra (verified owner)

    Hi. I’m C6 Tetraplegic. I’ve seen this grabber on here for a while and kept wanting it but didn’t think I could use it. Well I thought your not going to know until you get it so I bought it few days ago and it’s brilliant. Even though there is someone here with me 24/7, when I drop stuff it, I just would like to try and pick it up myself and this grabber has changed my life.

    I find it easy to put on my arm and my wrist movement opens and closes it easily to pick up things.

    Thank you for making these things you do to help us Tetraplegics.

    I will send a video soon of me using it.

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