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Wiggly Pegs

Wiggly Pegs


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Wiggly Pegs are easy to use, one-piece pegs especially designed for those with arthritis or weakened grip. They are a practical aid for those with a disability or manual dexterity problems. There are 24 pegs in the pack.

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Wiggly Pegs’ practical design makes getting your washing on or off the line quicker and easier.

The pinching action required for regular clothes pegs can be painful and tricky if you have arthritis or reduced grip. The design of the wiggly peg allows for washing to be hung out with little to no grip or hand function. Simply put a finger through the loop of a peg and slide over the washing line.

Made from tough and weather resistant material. Extensively tested in severe, windy weather conditions. There unique design helps them grip clothes in place on the washing line. Holds a range of laundry items from duvets to towels to delicate fabric such as satin and silk.

Reduce drying and ironing time as your clothes won’t bunch up on the washing line – Bonus!

Exceptionally tough and durable. Long life and weather resistant. Reduces plastic waste by lasting significantly longer than budget clothes pegs. More environmentally friendly. Washable and dishwasher safe.

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