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LapStacker Flex

LapStacker Flex


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LapStacker Flex is the world’s first and only retractable carry system for your wheelchair. The easily attachable strap provides a slip-free hold on almost any item – keeping them safe and secure on your lap.

What can I use LapStacker Flex for?

The retractable belt can be used to secure:

  • Bags
  • Boxes
  • Trays
  • Laptops
  • Games
  • Supermarket basket
  • Washing/ Laundry
  • A ball
  • and many many more items

How Does LapStacker Flex work?

LapStacker Flex is a retractable belt that fits to the majority of wheelchairs. To operate it, simply slide your fingers into the loops, bring the two sides together and they will connect magnetically.

To release the belt, push the two sides together and they come apart. You can hold on to the fabric finger loops while the belt retracts.

Will LapStacker Work on My Chair?

LapStacker Flex can be fitted to manual wheelchairs, either horizontally for single tube frames or vertically for parallel duel tube folding frames. It also works on some lightweight power chairs, such as the Quickie Q50 range and the Whill.

The device sits under the seat of a single tube frame chair and vertically on either side of your chair for folding frames. This means that it is safely out of the way when pushing your chair.

Fitting is easy – it just involves clipping the two sides together and some positioning of sticky velcro. You may need someone to assist you with this if you have reduced hand function.

There are a few options for the belt clip housing so you can choose which position suits you best.

Here is what our director, Rob, says about it:

I installed my demo version of Lapstacker a few weeks ago not knowing quite how often I would use it. Now that Lapstacker is a permanent fixture on my chair, I have been surprised at how often I use it to prevent the frustration of things I’m carrying on my lap falling off. I find it particularly useful on the school run as my daughter passed me her school bag, coat, hat and junk model she has made today and I can actually push around in my wheelchair knowing all those items are secured to my lap and will not fall off.


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