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Tyre Fitting Tool

Tyre Fitting Tool


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Fitting tyres, or more often replacing their inner tubes, is something that every wheelchair user will need to do fairly often – especially if you’re a wheelchair racer or an avid hand-biker. However, reduced hand function makes an already fiddly job even more difficult and can leave you stuck with only one real option: visiting a bike repair shop every time you get a puncture. That’s where this tyre fitting tool comes in.

Our director, Rob, has a Spinal Cord Injury – and he found this tyre fitting tool to use himself. He tried and tested it, and now it’s available for you to purchase here on our website! The independence that comes with being able to fix his own wheelchair and hand-bike (punctured tires at least) was important to Rob, and it saves him the hassle of needing to get to a bike shop whenever he has a flat!

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How Does The Tyre Fitting Tool Work?

It’s actually just about the last stage of changing a tyre. You’ll already have:

  1. Removed the inner tube – Rob uses a tyre lever to help him here.
  2. Examined the tube to find the problem & checked the tyre itself for damage (you don’t want any sharp bits!)
  3. Replaced the tube with a new one. Do this carefully, check the condition of the tube first and start with the valve when you fit it.
  4. Started securing the bead of the tyre back into the rim, until you can no longer do this with your hands. Don’t use a tyre lever for this bit, it’s too likely to puncture the tube.

When most of the bead is seated properly, the tyre fitting tool can be used to get the last – and most fiddly – part back into the rim. The tyre fitting tool is adjustable to fit different sizes of tyre. The tool makes it easy to lever the tyre into place. Once you’ve finished seating the tyre all that’s left to do is inflate, and off you go!

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