Giraffe Bottle Spares

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Giraffe Bottle Spare Necks

Giraffe Bottle Spare Straws

Giraffe bottle spare cages

Giraffe bottle desktop holder

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The Giraffe hands-free bottles spares are available for the drinking tube and bottle neck. Giraffe recommend that you replace the tube and check valve once a month and the neck every 8 months.

The flexible neck is durable but over time dirt and germs can build up in the neck. Therefore, Giraffe recommend that the neck is replaced every 8 months to maintain optimum bottle hygiene and function. The flexible neck can have individual links removed if required.

The drinking tube is smooth: its non-porous bore will not trap particulates or promote bacterial growth. It is partially bio-sourced, phthalate-free, and biphenyl A-free.

The Giraffe Bottles comes with a cage but you may want to buy a spare for a different chair, bed, desk or anywhere else.

You’ll only need Giraffe bottle spares if you already have a Giraffe bottle! 


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