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Giraffe Hands-free Bottle

Giraffe Hands-free Bottle


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Hydration is important to your body, heart, brain, and muscles. And depending on your mobility, getting a drink isn’t always an easy task. That’s where the Giraffe Bottle Hands Free Drinking solution comes in. These Giraffe Bottles help you take a drink whenever you need one. The flexible neck stay where you put it, allowing you to take a sip when your hands are busy. Or when you are unable to hold a bottle.

With your choice of a Stainless Steel or Tritan bottle, and a 15, 25 or 36 inch neck, you can get the bottle that works for you.

Each bottle pack comes with a bottle, neck, tube with valve, bottle holder with clamp and a straw cleaning brush.

Key Features

  • A special valve stops drink from flowing back into the bottle so you don’t have to suck so hard to get water through each time. This can be removed if preferred.
  • Comes with a bottle holder with clamp INCLUDED so you can attach it to your desks, wheelchairs, beds, tables etc.
  • Drinking tube with valve and neck are replaceable, so you won’t need a whole new bottle. Check out our listing for spare parts.
  • Both bottles come with a separate lid for whilst you are transporting drinks, so you can use it as a ‘regular’ bottle too.

Which Giraffe Bottle should I choose?

The stainless steel giraffe bottle is vacuum insulated. It can keep your drink hot for 10 hours or cold for 18+ hours!  This bottle is 700ml/24oz and also features an insulated carry lid, as well as looking great! The stainless steel bottle is not suitable to go in the dishwasher. It comes with an additional bottle brush for cleaning.

The titan (plastic) giraffe bottle can go in dishwasher, perfect if you struggle to wash up by hand… or would just rather not! It is made from BPA-free plastic and is 750ml/25oz. This bottle allows you to see how much fluid you are consuming, great if you have trouble remembering to stay hydrated.

Please note there has been a design change to the bottle neck – don’t worry, all necks are still compatible with all giraffe bottle systems.

Spare Parts for Giraffe Bottles

You can buy replacement drinking tubes with valves, replacement necks, a desktop holder and additional cages for your Giraffe Bottles. The necks are interchangeable so if you discover you need a longer or shorter one you can make the change. Giraffe recommend that you replace the drinking tube with value once a month and the neck every 8 months to ensure hygienic hydration.

Please note that this product cannot be exchanged/returned once it has been used for hygiene reasons. Please check the neck length before unpacking the straw.


The Giraffe Bottles are well-designed, well-made, and we believe the best out there. Due to import costs, we have unfortunately been forced to increase our prices in recent years. We remain committed to keeping prices as low as possible for our customers, and continue to spend significant time looking for the cheapest way to import them!

2 reviews for Giraffe Hands-free Bottle

  1. kimunderwood500

    kimunderwood500 (verified owner)

    The bottle takes a while to get used to, so it helps if you spend some time going through the process. You need to know that the bottle works on a syphon principal ie you need to suck the liquid up with a few mouthfuls before stopping. This ensures the drinker will continue to flow with the minimum effort. NOTE Please make sure the tip of the straw is considerably higher than the top of the bottle otherwise the liquid will flood over over your clothing or bed linen.

    • Clare Reynolds

      Clare Reynolds

      The flow valve means the drink stays in the tube rather than going back into the bottle. The advantage is if you have a long tube and not much suck strength it is still easy to drink without pulling the fluid 36 inches up from the bottle in one suck! You can easily remove/replace the one way valve so you can make fluid go back into the bottle after each suck if preferred.

  2. Charlie Hindley

    Charlie Hindley (verified owner)

    I had tried the hydrant bottle before this and, while it is more expensive, I greatly prefer the giraffe one. The plastic structure round the straw is fantastic, easy to position and I barely have to move my head to access it.

    One problem I’d had with the hydrant bottle was the straw falling down during transfers and coming into contact with my wheels which had made me unwell.The giraffe bottle is easy to position out of the way during transfers and the end stays elevated away from the floor.

    My carers say it’s a bit fiddly for them to screw it all together, and it took a bit of time to fully get the hang of, but it’s well worth it from my perspective. I definitely wouldn’t go back.

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