Used by everyone from casual gym goers to Paralympic athletes, our fitness aids are built to last and are designed for easy use with a wide range of gym equipment and apparatus. This allows you to obtain a more complete workout, push yourself to the limits and achieve your goals!

*Important* Please consult a doctor or medical professional before starting a new training regime.

Working Out At The Gym

Working Out At Home

When I first started out I just had the gripping aids. These are great and were the perfect starter as I could use them for everything. After a while I got the looped exercise aids. These were a great addition. Taking the weight off my hands and into my wrists for cable machines meant I had more control and able to step up my routine. The d rings are a new addition but a welcome one. The added durability is really good. I still use all 3 and even 7 years later the gloves still look good! You can see them being put through some serious abuse on my YouTube channel.

Ben Clark, AdaptToPerform
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