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How can my child use Active Hands in play?

The general purpose gripping aid can be used to hold toys like this glitter wand

Playing is a big part of childhood. Whether it’s making memories with friends and family or learning through play, it’s important for every child to be able to take part. If your child has a disability affecting their hand function they might struggle with some toys. We sell a range of products to help overcome that barrier.

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Gymnastics with a Limb Difference | The Active Hands CompanyGymnastics with a Limb Difference
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Riding a Trike with a Disability | The Active Hands CompanyRiding a Trike with a Disability
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Euan using blue mini gripping aid to hold rattle
Hand holding a child's badminton racket using our general purpose gripping aid. The other hand is poised ready to serve the shuttlecock.

Case Study: Fiona

Fiona is 8 years old and loves gymnastics, ballet and tap. She was born missing fingers on her right hand but has not allowed this to limit her ambitions. Fiona has been taking gymnastics classes for 5 years. Her “bouncy personality” and natural flexibility seemed a great fit with gymnastics training, with the bonus that it offered the chance to strengthen both sides of her body. This year she began to compete with the YMCA gymnastics team. Keen to keep in touch with resources and support available for those with limb difference, Anne-Marie uses the Lucky Fin Project website and it was through a post from their founder, Molly Stapleman, that Anne-Marie discovered Active Hands’ Limb Difference gripping aid. “I love love love the grip. It’s amazing. I really liked that the grip was created specifically for someone born with a limb difference. There is not much that Fiona can’t do, but there are times when she has to figure out her own way to do things. A perfect example of this is her routine on the gymnastics bar – she is finding her own way of doing her chin up pullover and cast back hip circle – and your grip is the perfect tool.”

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