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How can children use Active Hands products in learning?

Euan using blue mini gripping aid to hold rattle

Children have plenty to think about when they are learning – don’t let reduced hand function be a hurdle to that! If your child can hold a pen for mark-making or grasp an instrument or the handlebars of a trike with the help of our products then they can focus on the task in hand, leaving their minds free for the learning.

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Disability Table-Top Scissors | The Active Hands CompanyDisability Table-Top Scissors
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How to use our hand aids
the grips can be added to laptops to give you a safe grip on them
Storage pouch in use. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.

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Small Item gripping aid | The Active Hands CompanySmall Item gripping aid
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Painting with EazyHold Strap | The Active Hands Company LtdPainting with EazyHold Strap
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child with limb difference holds pen with easy hold grip
general purpose gripping aids being used to hold beaters.

My name is Sandra Seiden and I am the Florida State Director for Personal Ponies. I'd like to start by saying, I think your design is a dream come true!!! I've worked with special needs children for many years and in my mind every time I assisted them with an activity that required "Hand over Hand" I thought to myself..."There must be some way to assist them without my help and give them that I CAN attitude!!!!" Your product is a perfect design! Recently, we had a little gathering at the barn for new volunteers. One of my volunteers who is in a chair took out her Active Hands when we were grooming the ponies. My heart absolutely danced to see how she was able to groom the pony completely independently because of your product!

Sandra Seiden, Florida State Director of Personal Ponies

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