If you have an ‘office job’ you probably find yourself needing to use your hands a lot—writing, browsing, typing.

We stock a range of assistive products designed to make office life easier. From mouse-alternatives to grip-y laptop covers.

Accessibility in the office...

I'll be honest, when I looked at Ungrip online, I had my initial doubts. I often use my phone whilst it's flat against a surface such as a lap tray or table, and so my biggest concern was that once I'd attached this to the back of my phone it would be unsteady and rock from side to side when using it. I can happily tell you that this is not the case and with Ungrip attached my phone still remains stable and static when using it on a flat surface.For me the biggest positive to come from Ungrip is that it has completely eradicated the potential of me dropping my phone whilst using it, a major bug bear for anyone with weakened grip who isn't fond of replacing their phone screen on a regular basis! And Ungrip is stuck to my phone so solidly that I can even use my phone in the bath without fear of it slipping through my fingers into a watery grave #firstworldproblems! I've also found that if I'm in the middle of using my phone and need to move, instead of putting my phone in my pocket, moving, then getting it out again, I can now just spin it round so that the phone is on the back on my hand, push a short distance and then just spin it back onto my palm again.

Gareth Herridge
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