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Gadgets for Arthritis: Around the House

The next article on gadgets for arthritis contains products to help you around the house. Designed to help lessen day to day hassle, these gadgets are great for taking some of the stress off those swollen, painful finger joints:

Grey camo cat tongue phone grip sticker
Grippy without being sticky

If you’re wanting to add some extra grip to your phone, tablet or laptop then the Cat Tongue Grips are the way to go. They are grippy without being sticky! Once attached to the back of your device, they will hold it in place on any surface, including your hand.

We also supply the Ungrip [edit: no longer in production, replaced with the Phone Loop], specifically designed to stick to the back of mobile phones. It gives you a fabric loop to slip your finger through, cradling the phone in your hand without need for any grip at all.

purple magnetic phone charger to help people with reduced hand function charge their phone
Connect your phone charger magnetically

To save you constantly trying to insert and remove your phone’s tiny charging connector, there’s the Magnetic Phone Charger. Insert the small, magnetic connector end into your phone’s charging port and leave it there. Then, whenever you need to charge it, simply place it close to the cable. The magnetic ends will link together, instantly beginning the charge!

the sixth digit 2 stylus works well on touch screens
Sixth Digit 2 can be used on touchscreens

If straightening fingers to press buttons or tap on a touchscreen is proving an issue, then slip on the Sixth Digit 2. Fitting onto the ring and pinky finger, the stylus tip is compatible with all touchscreens. It is also great for typing on a keyboard or pressing buttons on a remote.

Plug tug on hand. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.
Slide your hand in to remove plugs

Plug Tugs are a life saver when it comes to plugging in and unplugging various plugs around the house. Wrapping the plastic strip around the plug creates a loop that you can then slide your fingers through, removing the need for a firm grip when pushing or pulling. Whatever the device, if it’s got a (type G, 3-pin) plug you can Plug Tug it!

love handle door knob covers to give you more grip on smooth handles
Non-slip grips for round door handles

Round door handles can be an absolute nuisance to turn. The elasticated Luv Handle Door Grips slip over these handles, giving you a soft, grippy surface to twist using little to no grip. They can also be used on water taps and gas bottle taps.

the resting hand brace is c shaped for comfort and to keep the hand open
Keep your hand open while resting

The Resting Hand Splint is a padded, breathable splint that helps maintain strength and comfort in your hand whilst reducing pain, stiffness and swelling; supporting your wrist and hand in the correct position. 

These are some of our gadgets for arthritis to help you around the house. In case you missed them, we also have articles on Gadgets for Arthritis: Personal Care and In the Kitchen.