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The EasySpray helps you to press the nozzle on aerosols and spray bottles. The device helps change the action from a pressing down on the top to a squeeze against the bottle. You can operate it with one or both hands depending on your ability.

The device attaches to bottles using nano tape, which allows it to be easily repositioned and moved from one bottle/can to another.

Which bottles will the EasySpray work on?

The EasySpray works best on cylindrical bottles or cans but the nano tape allows it to be used on cans and bottles that have curves in them. It works for a variety of sizes too from narrow handbag sized bottles to chunky deodorants. You can use it on aerosols or spray bottles. You can use the EasySpray on bottles like these:

The EasySpray will work with all of these different types of aerosol and spray bottle

We couldn’t make the EasySpray work with all bottles and found that the device did not stick very well on bottles that are an oval or rectangular shape:

The EasySpray will not stick to bottles that are oval or rectangular in shape

How do I attach my EasySpray?

The device will come with two strips of nano tape on it. You will need to remove the backing plastic from the tape. You can now stick the device to the bottle, press down a little to hold it in place. If your nano tape gets lint or finger prints or dirt on it, you can be wash it under the tap. It will regain its stickiness once dry.

Place the device onto your can or bottle so that the level handle is at a slight angle. This will enable you to squeeze the handle and press down the nozzle. Make sure that the nozzle of your bottle is placed so that it will spray between the legs of the EasySpray. Try a test spray. If no spray comes out, then reposition the device.


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