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Cat Tongue phone/laptop grips


Cat Tongue phone/laptop grips


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When you have reduced hand function gripping a phone or table making it easy to send it flying of a table or lap. These phone grips are based on a cat’s tongue. They are grippy without being sticky and they won’t pick up all the lint and crumbs that are somehow in the bottom of everyone’s bags (seriously, where does it all come from?) They will hold your phone or laptop in place in your hand, in the car and around the house.

This product does not qualify for VAT exemption. Therefore the total cost of this item for customers within the UK is £7 for the phone size and £11 for the laptop/tablet. VAT will be added at the checkout. Customers outside the UK will pay the price shown above.

The grips come in two sizes Рone for your phone and the other for your laptop or tablet. If you find that you need to make small adjustments, simply cut to size with scissors . You can stick them directly onto your phone or onto a case (see recommendations below).


The Cat Tongue phone grips will fit all phones!


iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad + ALL other tablets! This grip also fits all laptops and larger electronics – trim to ANY size to fit ANYTHING!
Size: 12.7 centimetres (5 inches) wide / 20.3 centimetres (8 inches) tall

To apply the grip to your phone simply make sure the surface is clean and free of lint, peel of the backing and stick it on. Cat Tongue recommend that you line it up and then start at a corner and work down. If you would like to remove the grip simply lift a corner and pull. Clean any slight residue left behind with rubbing alcohol. The grip can be trimmed with scissors if required.

Please note: Cat Tongue Grips are NOT recommended for mobile cases that are made out of leather, suede or fabric.

If you want to stick strips of tape or want a more bespoke solution then why not try the Non-Abrasive Grip Tape.


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