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Magnetic Phone Charger

Magnetic Phone Charger

From: $10.95

Please ensure you buy a cable and the correct connector (see images in description)

Magnetic phone cable

Lightning Connector

MicroUSB connector

USBC connector

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This magnetic phone charger makes plugging your phone in so much easier. No need for fiddly connection, trying to get that small connector into the socket on your phone every time!

This product does not qualify for VAT exemption. Therefore the total cost of this item for customers within the UK is £6.95 for a cable and one connector and £4 for each additional connector. VAT will be added at the checkout. Customers outside the UK will pay the price shown above.

Insert the connector into your phone once and leave it there. When you want to connect your phone, just position the cable near to the connector and it makes the connection magnetically. You will need to select a cable and a connector if this is your first purchase of this product.

The magnetic phone charger cable is 2m in length and available in black or purple. The connection head can attach at any angle and rotates 180 to make it more comfortable to hold the phone while it is charging.

There are 3 connectors available to suit most phones:

Lightning/iphone connector for magnetic phone charger

Lightning connector: this connector is used for Apple iPhones from iPhone 5 up to iPhone 14. It is also used for some iPads (please check if yours uses Lightning or USBC).




microUSB phone connector


MicroUSB – many older phones use this connector



USBC connector for magnetic cable


USBC – most new phones use this connector, including the iPhone 15



2 reviews for Magnetic Phone Charger

  1. evelynmw54

    evelynmw54 (verified owner)

    Really like this. Even better is the fact that, if I have an adaptor in the phone, it doesn’t matter which item I charge. If I have micro USB, USB C, or ios, 1 charger does them all. I keep 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the car, and 1 in my study.

  2. Catherine Care

    Catherine Care (verified owner)

    This product is my favorite so far. The hours I’ve wasted trying to fit the fiddly little connector, the right way round, into the tablet or phone. Needing to get near the light so I can see it properly and trying to work out which connector fits which product. Because the relevant connector end stays in the phone or tablet, it takes less than a second. Thought it might be annoying having a little bit protruding from the phone but I don’t even notice it as it’s virtually flush with the phone/tablet case. It disconnects very easily, sometimes a bit too easily if you are using the phone whilst it’s connected. The ends lights up blue when charging so you might not want it in the bedroom at night but the cable is lovely and long. The slight downsides are easily outweighed by how quick, simple and easy it is to use. A great, inexpensive present for an older person, anyone visually impaired or with arthritis or hand difficulties.

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