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Easi-Grip Scissors

Easi-Grip Scissors


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These lightweight Easi-Grip scissors are easy to grip and use, even with reduced hand function. They are available in both adult and children’s sizes.

Key Features

  • Lightweight design – does not fatigue the user
  • Made from high-quality polymer – retaining quality over time
  • Stainless Steel Blades – cuts through paper with ease
  • Continuous loop handle –  scissors automatically reopen when the pressure is released
  • No finger loops – requires only a gentle squeeze
  • Blade guard for safe storage
  • Wide finger contact area for a comfortable and easily maintainable grip
  • Colour-coded for easy identification: Blue Handles = Right Hand; Green Handles = Left Hand; Red Handles = Mini

The Red-Handled Mini Easi-Grip scissors are two thirds of the size of the standard scissors and possible to use in either hand by most children.

OTs recommend these Easi-Grip scissors for

  • Weak grip or poor hand strength
  • Difficulty isolating individual finger movements
  • Children’s first scissors
  • Children who struggle to follow instructions and directional commands
  • Children with small hands
  • Children with undecided hand dominance, e.g. those who swap hands during a task

If these scissors are not suitable for you, why not try one of our other cutting solutions? We also have Table-Top Scissors, Long-Loop Scissors and the Nimble – one finger safety cutter.


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