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Nimble One Finger Cutter

Nimble One Finger Cutter


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After 10 years of working with Nimble, we are delighted to have taken over as the official manufacturers in June 2021. This one-finger cutter is one of our favourite products.

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Spend less time frustrated with awkward packaging and more time enjoying what’s inside, with the world’s first one-finger opener, the Nimble.

Nimble is the one-finger package opener that increases independence in the kitchen, the office, and in all aspects of daily life. All it takes is one swipe of your finger. You can go from having to ask for help opening plastic food packaging to opening it yourself with ease.

How does it work? Will it help me?

Nimble’s safe blade profile means you can’t cut yourself when using it. The one-finger operation makes it accessible for people with limited hand mobility. It works for things like joint pain, limited hand strength, hand tremors, reduced hand-eye co-ordination, deformed or swollen hands and for people with only one functioning hand such as stroke survivors or amputees. Young or old, disabled or not, Nimble makes cutting and opening things easier for everyone.

A special blade design means that although Nimble cuts through plastic and paper easily, it can’t cause serious injury like scissors or knives*. Nimble’s ultra-hard zirconia ceramic blade holds a sharper edge than steel. It won’t rust either.

Nimble’s compact size makes it an ideal tool to have around the house or in daily life. Its bright colour means it stands out in a full drawer or on a messy desk!

*Despite its safe design, children should be supervised at all times whilst using Nimble.

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1 review for Nimble One Finger Cutter

  1. Catherine Care

    Catherine Care (verified owner)

    So simple and easy to use for opening parcels, ready meals or cutting tape. Really surprised to find how well it worked without being able to cut myself with it. So much safer to use than a knife or scissors and as it fits over your finger tip, you don’t need any grip to use it.

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