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FUNctional Hand

FUNctional Hand


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The FUNctional Hand is ideal for helping children and adults with reduced hand function grasp items in a natural hand position. Engineered by an occupational and physical therapist as a multi use assistive tool for making everyday tasks easy for those with reduced grip.

You can use the FUNctional Hand to hold the following items and increase your independence:

  • pen, pencil, crayon, marker
  • stylus
  • straw
  • cup
  • toothbrush
  • water bottle
  • knife, fork and spoon

You can hold items in the device by placing them between the V’s and pulling on the elastic. The elastic can then be moved into the slit to hold it in place, allowing the user to securely hold various shaped items both vertically and horizontally.

You can use the FUNctional Hand either left or right handed.

The device encourages proper alignment of the hand and wrist reducing strain on the joints – perfect for those with arthritis. Regardless of grasp abilities, the FUNctional Hand support can be used for a variety of fun tasks such as painting, gardening and cooking. The hand is also great for holding personal care products including makeup and hair brushes.

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