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Flexi Phone, Tablet and Camera Holder for Wheelchairs

Flexi Phone, Tablet and Camera Holder for Wheelchairs


One Fidlock Phone Patch is supplied with your Flexi Phone Holder

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10 Extra Flexi Tube Links

Fidlock Phone Patch

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The Flexi Phone Holder allows you to attach your phone, tablet or DSLR camera to your wheelchair hands-free! Navigate around the streets with your phone safely held in front of you. Position a tablet flat for typing or at an angle for watching TV. Hold the camera steady while you take the perfect shot.

FidLock Vacuum System

The Fidlock vacuum system locks you phone in place using magnets to locate and a vacuum seal to hold it tightly. This firm hold reduces the chance of a passer-by stealing your phone. No more dropping your phone off your lap while wheeling around. You will need to attach a phone patch to the back of your device or case. One is provided with the Flexi Phone Holder, but additional phone patches can be purchased if you wish to use it with multiple devices.

Flexible Loc-Line

The flexible loc-line system allows you to adjust your gadget so that it sits just where you want it. You can move the links to position items and they stay in place. You can add or remove links to get the perfect length (you may need assistance with this, if you have reduced hand function, as the links require some force to detach and clip back together).

Addition lengths of Loc-Line are available in packs of 10 if you need to attach your Flexi Phone Holder behind your chair or further down the legs. Please be aware that the longer you make it the more likely it is to droop when you are on bumpy ground.

When using the Flexi Holder for your tablet, you may want to use a second holder for a firmer hold.

Easy-to-Fasten Clamp

The clamp can be tightened easily by those with reduce hand function using the sliding bar. You can remove it easily when putting your wheelchair into the car. The clamp works well when fastened around a tube but you can also use it to attach to a desk, table or shelf.

Flexi Phone Holder For DSLR Cameras: Coming soon

For a DSLR camera, you will need an attachment that screws into the base of your camera. These are available in either single or double bases. When attaching a heavier device like a DSLR camera, you may wish to use two of the holders to ensure a firm connection. Especially if you are using a camera with a long lens. The double camera base allows you to position the connection patches either one in front of the other or side by side.



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