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10 Extra Flexi Tube Links for the Flexi Phone Holder

10 Extra Flexi Tube Links for the Flexi Phone Holder


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If you wish to make your Flexi Phone Holder longer, you can purchase 10 Extra Flexi Tube links to add. If you are fixing the Phone holder at the back of your chair or further down the legs, then you might need an extra section of links to position your phone or device in the best position.

You can separate the links by bending the tube until they come apart. This does take some force and you may need someone with good hand function to assist you. You do not need to use all 10 Extra Flexi Tube Links – separate as many as you need.

The links can be reconnected by pushing them together. Again, this takes some force. It may be helpful to add the extra links to the clamp end of the Flexi Phone Holder. You can connect the clamp to the edge of a table and push against it to reconnect the links.

Please be aware that the more links you add, the more likely the Phone Holder is to drop when going over bumps or rough ground. If you are using a longer length, you may want to ensure that the device is resting against your leg or arm rest when you are moving around.

For added security, a second Flexi Phone Holder can be used. Connect one to each side of your chair for a firm hold.