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Soloc Uno Spares

Soloc Uno Spares

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Stud Side Padding

FlexiFix Buckle Side Padding

Frame Saver Clamps (pair)

Tubular Frame Clamp

Soloc Velcro Circle

FlexiFix Extender Plate

Tri-Slot Mounting Plate

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You may need Spares for your Soloc Uno belt due to damage or soiling. The following parts are available for the Uno belts:

Stud Side Padding

If your padding gets soiled or starts to wear then you can purchase a replacement sleeve. The stud side is the side that goes into the main body of the buckle. There are two length options for this padding: 230mm or 330mm. You can fit either length onto your belt. The padding can be removed by wriggling it over the stud or by removing the end of the belt from the chair. The latter is the easier option for replacing the padding. Please ensure your belt is replaced by a qualified wheelchair fitter.

FlexiFix Padding Buckle Side

It is harder to remove the padding over the buckle on this side due to the width of the buckle. You may need to remove this side of the belt from the chair. Un-Velcro the buckle from the padding and slide the the padding down the FlexiFix arm. Slide the new padding onto the FlexiFix arm and replace the belt. Please ensure that the belt is refitted correctly by a qualified wheelchair fitter.

Frame Saver Clamps

These are used to attach the Freedom belt to your wheelchair. If they become damaged then please replace them. The Frame Saver Clamps are sold in pairs. These can be used on either side of your belt.

Tubular Frame Clamp

The Connect belt doesn’t come with these as standard so you may wish to buy one or two to fit around the tube of your wheelchair frame. The Tubular Frame Clamps fit into the third, smaller, slot in the tri-plate at the end of your belt. The tri-plate has a hole for fixing directly into frames that have pre-drilled holes but this is a good alternative for those that don’t. Use the rubber strip inside the clamp to protect your frame. The Tubular Frame Clamp can only be used on the webbing side of your belt – it will not work with the FlexiFix Arm.

Velcro Adhesive Circle

The Velcro circle adheres to the back of the buckle and holds the buckle in place on the padding. (If you are using a Connect Belt without padding, you will not need one of these.) If your Velcro looses its stick due to repeated repositioning of the buckle, then you can buy a replacement here. Peel off the old Velcro circle and stick the new one in its place.

Extender Plate for the FlexiFix Arm

This Extender Plate increases the length of the Soloc FlexiFix arm by 120mm. It can be used to increase the length of the buckle side of the Soloc Uno. You will need to connect the Extender plate to the FlexiFix arm using two of the holes. The instructions included with your Soloc belt show you how to connect the extender plates.

Tri-Slot Mounting Plate

This plate attaches your webbing belt to the frame of your wheelchair. It is also where the length of your belt can be adjusted. The three slots ensure a firm hold so your belt won’t slip and remains the same length. This part should be replaced by a qualified wheelchair fitter as it affects the length of your belt. The smaller fourth slot, is where the Tubular Frame Clamp attaches (optional).