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Bespoke Gloves

If you would like a quote for these gloves please email us to request a form.

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Theses bespoke gloves are made to fit your hand – whatever shape it is! Bespoke gloves made just the way you want them for those with limb difference.

As these gloves are made just for you, we need to send the information off to the manufacturer who will send us a quote. When it is ready, the quote will be added to your account and you can then pay for it.

Please request a form via email. You can then take your measurements and email the details back to us. You will need a printer and a tape measure to do this. Please ensure that you draw around your hands so that the manufacture has a visual representation. The manufacturer needs this drawing on the paper with the ruler down the side.

There are a wide variety of options to suit your needs. Please note that if you select heating as an option it can’t be used with a silk lining. If you wish to have lamb fur then you should select thick for mittens or thin for fingered gloves.

The bespoke gloves are priced individually but we have included the following so that you get a rough idea of prices. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that your gloves will fall within these ranges.

Finger gloves:

1 piece £75 -£135

1 pair £105 – £170

Fist gloves:

1 piece £65 – £125

1 pair £95 – £150

Gloves with heater incl. batteries and charger EURO 220V

1 piece £220

1 pair £280