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Phone Loop

Phone Loop


Our prices are displayed without VAT (sales tax) because many of you benefit from an exemption from VAT for the disabled.

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The ErgoBlue Phone Loop attaches to the back of your phone to prevent you from dropping it when using it. Get a safe grip while making calls, taking pictures, playing games or typing out a message.

The fabric ring allows you to move the phone round to the back of your hand when carrying other items or pushing your wheelchair.

This product does not qualify for VAT exemption as is not designed as a disability-specific product. VAT will be added at the checkout. Therefore, the total cost of this item for customers within the UK is £10. Customers outside the UK will pay the price shown above.

As phones get bigger they are harder to hold, especially if you have a hand function disability. This increases the risk of dropping them and breaking the screen or the whole phone!

The Phone Loop attaches to your phone or phone case with a strong sticky pad and stays there! The soft fabric loops means you can store your phone in your pocket or bag without scratching other items. The fabric returns to a loop, as soon as it is removed from your pocket, so you can easily slide your finger through.

The loop can be positioned straight or at an angle to suit how you hold your phone. The design is embroidered into the loop so it won’t wear off.

If a fabric loop is not the solution for you then we also have the Cat Tongue Phone Grips – a non-slip sticker for the back of your phone.