We’re still going strong with our Asking Your Questions series – this time the topic is exercise with a disability. You can check out the first five on our news page!

Time for Question #6…

Where can I exercise with a disability?

Once again we were overwhelmed with responses – here are just a few!

Everywhere, I did kids activity holidays every summer in foreign countries. I canoed around Brittany without any aids. I did archery and horse riding and bouldering in many different locations. I grew up doing martial arts before choosing Crossfit. Don’t let your disability be your limiter. Go out there and show the world we can do what everybody else can. I tried many different companies to get a lifting aid before I found active hands and it was a game changer. Don’t give up. Dream big and have fun.  [Tina, Facebook]

With the right adaptions (Active Hands) – literally anywhere. Personally I love using the same equipment everyone else does in the gym. Because when I’m there I’m part of a community, not just stuck to the side resorting to using one machine. [Ben, Instagram]

Try looking at pure gyms. Mine (York) has many options for people with a disability or of limited ability, its level access has changing and bathroom including accessible shower. [John, Facebook]

It’s always lovely for us to hear how our gripping aids help so many of you get involved! If you have anything to add let us know!

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