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A New Year’s Inspiration: Josie Pearson

When Active Hands decided to make their general purpose gripping aids in hot pink Josie Pearson sprang to mind as the perfect person to test them out. A gold medal winning Paralympian with a spinal injury, Josie has shown great determination to reach success in a variety of sporting areas!

Josie was involved in a head-on car collision in 2003. The accident resulted in her breaking two bones in her neck and suffering permanent spinal damage. Although her legs were paralysed she could still use her arms.

Before her accident Josie was a keen horse rider but it was not possible for her to continue after her spinal injury. Not one to give up, while at university she joined the wheelchair rugby team and went on to compete in the 2008 Paralympics. She was the only girl in the team!

Josie then spent a while competing on the track in the 100m and 800m sprints. She now focuses on throwing events where her Active Hands gripping aids are used to hold on to her support. She qualified for the discus and club events in the 2012 Paralympics and won gold in the F51 discus with a world record-breaking throw.

Josie Pearson using her pink General Purpose gripping aid to steady herself whilst throwing discus
Josie Pearson using her pink General Purpose gripping aid

Josie has continued with her success by setting a new world record and securing another gold medal in discus and a bronze in the club throw in the 2013 IPC Athlectics World Championships.

Josie’s success has come through the help of her Active Hands gripping aids, which she uses both to train and compete. She tells us how vital they are to her:

“The new hot pink Active Hands aids are fantastic and I love the colour! I’ve been using Active Hands for many years now and without a doubt if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be the successful athlete I am today. I use them for so many activities, from aiding in my training, competing, right through to my day-to-day tasks such as housework. They’re an essential part of my life and I wouldn’t be without them.”

Josie uses Active Hands gripping aids to help her win gold medals. You might not reach the heady heights of Paralympic success but you won’t know unless you try!

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