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‘Against All Odds’ – Active Hands featured on Unilad

Kate Farley, known as ‘Girl boxer with CP’, is one determined athlete.  Keen to train hard and push her boundaries, Kate met with personal trainer, Matthew Furnell.  She quickly showed an interest in boxing and together they adapted their workouts to develop her passion, with their eyes set firmly on the Paralympics.

Kate uses a wide range of gym equipment to complement her training and is able to access this thanks to her General Purpose gripping aids.  On her instagram account (GirlboxerwithCP), Kate explains,

“Love pushing my abilities to discover different pieces of apparatus I can go on.  Again, this is all thanks to my hand aids from Active Hands which allow me to hold onto anything with ease whilst I train.  Always be determined and never say never!”

Now, Kate’s story has been picked up by Unilad who have produced this documentary, detailing Kate’s impressive training regime.  Check out her story below (or if you’re pushed for time and just want to see our gripping aids in action, scroll to around 3 minutes 50!)

Johanna Smith