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Magnetic Necklace Clasps

Magnetic Necklace Clasps


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These magnetic necklace clasps allow you to put on, and take off, your necklace without needing to navigate a tricky clasp.

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Jewellery clasps are tricky anyway, but if you have reduced hand function they could be impossible.

How do the Magnetic Necklace Clasps work?

The magnetic necklace clasps are available in gold or silver colours to match your chosen jewellery. Simply clip one side on to the existing clasp, and the other onto the chain link, leaving the magnetic clasp ready to use. You may need a friend, family member, or career to clip the clasp on. Once the clasp is attached, simply pull at each side of the necklace to open the clasp, and offer the sides of the clasp to each other to close it.

The magnets are strong enough to withstand some pressure, such as a light tug. A sharp or prolonged tug will cause the clasp to release – this is necessary for you to get the necklace off!

Necklace not included. Clasps come in a pack of 3.

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2 reviews for Magnetic Necklace Clasps

  1. Alan Gilbert

    Alan Gilbert (verified owner)

    These are very welcome, my wife is forever asking me to do up her jewellery and me tremors make it very difficult

  2. a.dacruz

    a.dacruz (verified owner)

    I have recently only discovered Active Hands and have purchased a few things. I recently purchased the magnetic necklace clasps which are fantastic. having only 3 fingers on my left hand and my arm being shorter putting a necklace on has always been almost impossible by myself but these clasp have made it possible

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