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Soloc Buckle

Soloc Buckle


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This new-to-market Soloc Buckle has been designed specifically for those with reduced hand function. It enables the user greater independence as they can fasten their buckle without the need of carer assistance.

How does it work?

Magnets inside the buckle and stud help the buckle to close, activating a physical connection.

You can release the buckle by pushing against the small lip or by pulling on the tab. This means users with limited hand function can release the buckle independently.

The Soloc buckle gives the user independence. It could be the difference between being able to go to the bathroom alone, or requiring assistance. The magnet-assisted connection allows the buckle to be fastened with ease. No need to wait without a belt on until someone can assist!

How do I Attach the Soloc Buckle to My Belt?

The stud side of the Soloc Buckle is the adjustable side – this side has two slots for threading webbing through. The slots are designed for 50mm wide webbing. Some way of preventing the belt from pulling through the webbing is required, such as a D-ring or stopper.

The buckle side of the Soloc Buckle is not adjustable. It has a single slot for webbing to be passed through. The webbing will need to be sewn around this side.

Soloc Belts

We offer a range of Soloc belts featuring the Soloc buckle.

Connect – the simplest Soloc belt. This is a webbing belt with the Soloc buckle attached for independent fastening and release. This belt has a choice of padding lengths.

Uno – a Soloc belt for one-handed users. The FlexiFix side of the belt is held open for easy access, this means the Uno lap belt can be fastened independently by those who are hemiplegic or have a limb difference. This belt has a choice of padding lengths.

Freedom – Soloc’s answer to no hand function. The arms of the Freedom belt are both held open, allowing the user to transfer in and out of the chair without sitting on their belt. Fasten the belt by simply pushing down on both arms, until the buckle connects.

Buckles should always be fitted by professionals and checked by a wheelchair fitting expert. We do not hold any responsibility for your webbing, fixings or attachment method for the buckle. If you are manufacturer using this buckle it is your responsibility to ensure it meets any testing requirements for the webbing/belt you are using.

Soloc User/ Carer Information

  • Straps or Harnesses should be the last item to be released or removed before the user leaves the wheelchair and the first things to be secured after entering. Do not move around with the belt unfastened. 
  • Daily inspection of the belt is recommended. If any defects are found, please DO NOT use the belt and contact the manufacturer. 
  • The Soloc belt length may require adjustment periodically, to allow for User growth, changes to User’s disability or changes in seasonal clothing. On the Freedom or Uno FlexiFix Arms, adjustments can be made at the mounting plates, located at the anchored end of the belt. The webbing straps on the Connect or Uno can be adjusted at the main buckle using the D-ring, or further adjustment is available at the Tri-Slot mounting plate at the anchored end of the belt.
  • Incorrect adjustment could lead to distress and pressure injury, please check the occupant for signs of discomfort and redness, bruising or sores around the contact area with the belt.
  • The padding covers and webbing belts can be wiped with mild detergent and warm water. If badly soiled, the FlexiFix arms can be removed from the wheelchair and the padding covers removed and washed. We recommend that the arms are refitted by a wheelchair fitting professional, should you need to do this. The removable padding on the Connect or Uno webbing straps can be washed in a washing machine at 40°C on a synthetics cycle. Replacement padding is available from our spare parts catalogue.
  • The buckle can be wiped down with a damp cloth with a mild detergent and warm water. Do not machine wash. Do not submerge the buckle in water. If water or other liquid does enter the main body or stud parts of the buckle, allow to drain and dry for 24 hours in a warm ventilated place. Please note that while external water may dry quickly, the internal compartments of the unit will take longer to dry.
  • Inspection before use of the product is recommended to ensure the function of the buckle is working correctly. Test the release button/pull tab opens without obstruction and unit closes without any additional force. Adjust any padding that interferes with the pull tab.
  • Ensure the Stud enters the main unit without excess force. The connection of the two units is assisted with internal magnets so no additional force is required once the two parts are brought together. If the magnets do not pull the buckle parts together, check that no debris has accumulated inside the body opening, and check the stud to see if any dirt is fouling the end of the product which may restrict the unit’s connection. To remove any debris please wipe the stud with a cloth or use a soft tool, such as a cotton bud, to remove debris stuck in the stud entry point on the buckle. 
  • For the Uno and Freedom: The FlexiFix arm is designed to hold your belt open. It should not be bent excessively as it may break, causing sharp edges, or cease to hold the buckle in the correct position. The arm will stay out of your way when entering the chair – take care not to sit on it. 

Soloc Warnings

  • The Soloc belts are designed for postural positioning and/or safety only, not as a method of restraint.
  •  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the Soloc belts be used as the sole method of securing the User in a wheelchair, during transportation in a motor vehicle. When transporting an occupant in a wheelchair, in a mobility vehicle, a suitable 4-point tie down restraint (WTORS) system with a suitable, separate 3-point passenger restraint must be used to ensure the occupant is safe during transportation.
  • All Soloc belts should be prescribed and installed by a suitably qualified healthcare professional, giving the necessary consideration to positioning, strap routing and correct adjustment.
  • The belt should only be worn by the user for whom it has been fitted. 
  • Achieving the correct tension is extremely important – see the Instructions tab for more information.
  • The Soloc belts with Soloc buckle are intended for a single occupant whose mass does not exceed 100kg.
  • Do not modify or tamper with the Belt or Buckle in any way.
  • We recommend that the belt’s function is checked before use – see Care tab and instructions for more information.
  • The buckle uses magnetic fields to engage and attract the parts together. Please make sure this does not affect magnetically sensitive devices. The buckle should be located at least 50mm from a pacemaker or other electronic device. 
  • Please record the batch number from the packaging in your users records for traceability .

Soloc Buckle Instructions and Translations

Please click on the language required below to see a pdf of the instructions for the Soloc Buckle.


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