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Plastic D-Rings

Plastic D-Rings


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These plastic D-Rings are black and come in a pack of 10. We use these on our Soloc Lap Belts, to allow users to pull the webbing with ease, to adjust the belt.

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Uses for Plastic D-Rings

These durable d-rings are suitable for use with our 50mm webbing options. They are also great for use on straps for bags, luggage, and more.


Safety: These materials are excellent tools to your DIY solutions. Some of these materials may be commonly used in safety equipment. However, please remember that safety equipment must be subject to rigorous testing and strict regulations. We do not recommend making safety items yourself.

DIY solutions

We have over 100 products in our store to help solve issues caused by reduced hand function. However, we also know that sometimes the best solution to your problem is one you make yourself. We are now offering a range of raw materials, used by us in our products for many years, to allow you to design your own solutions. Raw materials are usually supplied only in bulk quantities, but we are pleased to offer them in more manageable amounts.

Why not take a look at our other raw materials to help with your project? We’d love to receive updates on your latest solutions!


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