Heavy Use Gripping Wrap


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Simple but effective, the Active Hands Heavy Use Gripping Wrap is designed to help with grip and provide comfort when holding some objects.

During some of the more demanding activities enabled by Active Hands aids, held objects might become uncomfortable against the hand or thumb, which could lead to chafing. Examples could include holding a free weight in the gym, using a kayak paddle or gripping a hammer with a narrow handle.

Our Gripping Wrap straps neatly and securely around the object you want to hold, giving additional comfort, a better grip and helping prevent unwanted rotation of the held item.

The Heavy Use Gripping Wrap consists of a 15cm square of neoprene, two Velcro straps and two loops to enable easy fastening. The aids are built to endure years of regular use, even for strenuous activities. All aids are machine washable.

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