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Self-Adhesive Foam

Self-Adhesive Foam


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This black self-adhesive EVA foam can be added to wheelchair racing gloves where you need a bit more padding for comfort. It can also be added to any other items with a smooth surface.

This product does not qualify for VAT exemption. Therefore, the total cost of this item for customers within the UK is £2. VAT will be added at the checkout. Customers outside the UK will pay the price shown above.

We have chosen this foam as it offers the right level of impact resistance to cushion the more sensitive parts of the hand when wearing hard racing gloves. It has a good level of adhesive stick and will stay stuck when placed around curves. The foam can be layered if you need a better fit or more cushioning.

The Self-Adhesive foam sheets come in two thicknesses 1.5mm and 2mm. The dimension of a sheet is approximately 150mm x 215mm (5.9 inches by 8.5 inches).

Foam sheets can be cut with scissors or a craft knife.

You can also use the foam to protect surface that get impacted by doors or wheelchairs or add it to other adaptations where some padding is required.

The easy-peel backing can be removed once the item has been cut to size.

The foam is dust proof, shock-absorbing, sound and heat insulating, anti-skidding and can be used between a temperature range of -50℃ to 150℃.

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