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Therafin Toileting Aids

Therafin Toileting Aids


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Therafin Toileting aids have been designed for those with disabilities that affect bowel function, such as a spinal cord injury. These users often also have reduced hand function and therefore need a device that is easy to hold.

The toileting aids have a long handle to allow you to easily reach. The handle has an adjustable plastic strap to allow you to hold the device with reduced hand function. Pull the strap around the base for left or right handed use.

The strap has several adjustment holes. To fit the strap to your hand, release the plastic strap from the pin on the base of the handle, position the unit and then insert the pin back into the closest hole.

The probe/inserter on the EZ Reach series is curved. This curve can be repositioned to a users specific need by softening the bend with a heat gun and reshaping into desired position. Be aware that the plastic will be hot.

The Therafin Toileting aids come in three options:


This aid is for bowel stimulation. The retaining washer can be moved along the probe tip to allow it to be inserted at a depth that suits the user.


This aid assists you with inserting a suppository. The suppository is expelled when the retaining washer is pressed against the buttocks. You can use suppositories with a diameter of 10mm.

EZ Reach Combo

A combination of both the bowel stimulator and suppository inserter that can be used with the same handle. The devices are changed over with a simple push and twist motion.

Please note that this product cannot be exchanged/returned once it has been used for hygiene reasons.

1 review for Therafin Toileting Aids

  1. Lewis Pluck

    Lewis Pluck (verified owner)

    If you are reading this review you know what they are for. I got introduced to these when first injured and rehabbing at Stoke Mandeville. My main aim was to take care of business myself. I’m a C6/7 Tetraplegic. So gloves etc was not an option. These were easy to learn to use & provide me full independence in my morning routine. I strongly believe these should be available on the NHS as they would save the state millions. Active hands are always a good company to deal with & im so glad I don’t have to import these from the States. Great items.

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