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Sixth Digit 2

Sixth Digit 2


The pack contains a pair of small, medium and large sixth digits so that you can find the right size for each hand.

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Add a pair of spare stylus tips

Sixth Digit 2 Stylus Tips

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The Sixth Digit 2 is a wearable stylus that fits on your last two fingers allowing you to use touch screens and press buttons. It is can be used on touch screens like phones, tablets and appliance controls as it is made of a connective fiber-filled material.

The wearable stylus has two rings for stability. Put it on by sliding the rings over your ring and smallest finger with the stylus tip pointing away from your hand. There is a step in the design that matches the step in your hand to make it more comfortable to wear.

The Sixth Digit 2 comes with three sizes of device: small, medium and large. And you get a pair of all three in a stylish natural cotton bag. It is difficult to measure which size you need so we provide all 3 so you can find the ones that best fit you. You may need a different size for each hand. Once you have found the best size for you, attach the two stylus tips.

How can I use the Sixth Digit 2?

The Sixth Digit 2 can be used for a wide variety of situations:

  •  on a phone or tablet touch screen
  • for pressing physical buttons on a remote control, microwave or light
  • pressing buttons in public spaces like ATM, PIN keypad or lift buttons where germs might be an issue
  • for touch screens on washing machines or gaming controllers
  • when typing on keyboard or laptops – two hands make typing quicker!
  • touch screen in cars or on SatNav devices

They are small and comfortable enough to leave on while you drink a cup of tea or wheel yourself around.

Why not surprise a friend with the spare sizes? You will need to buy some spare tips.

3 reviews for Sixth Digit 2

  1. lmstaples55

    lmstaples55 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these. I do a lot of typing in my job and these really help. Great invention.

  2. jhead427

    jhead427 (verified owner)

    These are amazing. The past 14 years I’ve been using my pinky knuckle to type on my phone, tablet and computer. These little devices just made it so much easier and responsive. So glad I found Active Hands on instagram. I live in Illinois in the U.S.

  3. rdk

    rdk (verified owner)

    I am unable to use my hands but have sufficient wrist control. Using this compact tool, I’m able to type more efficiently with both hands again, speeding up my typing by a lot. The only addition I would like to see are non-slip stylus tips to improve keyboard typing further. I would definitely recommend it. Active hands, thank you for making this product!

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