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One-Handed Plate

One-Handed Plate


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Eating with one hand can be difficult – whether this is due to Limb Difference or Stroke. This innovative One-Handed Plate gives you the opportunity to eat independently.

The One-Handed Plate is designed with cylinder pegs allowing pieces of food of all different sizes to be held in place while cutting with a knife. Smaller pieces of food, such as peas, can be pushed and picked up on the high edge with a fork.

The plate is slightly sloped allowing liquids and sauces to collect at the bottom of the ‘sauce-slope’ for dipping. Great if you prefer different food items to not touch!

Due to the silicone ring on the bottom, the One-Handed plate stands firmly on every table. It weighs a solid 730g, helping to keep it in place. The specially shaped bottom also enables easy stacking, helping to keep your cupboards tidy.

The One-Handed Plate is made of melamine. This food-safe plastic compound is hard to break, scratch-proof, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

Expanding your kitchen kit? Our Food Preparation Board is ideal for preparing food one-handed. The Belliclamp holds jars and bottles still while you open them one-handed. You can check out our full range of one-handed kitchen gadgets in our shop.


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