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Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears


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A good pair of kitchen shears can change the way you prepare food. Use these shears to cut meat, fish, poultry bones, herbs and even pizza! If your hands are unsteady these may be safer than using a knife.

The integral spring in these kitchen shears automatically reopens them after each cut. A non-slip coating covers the large, comfortable, ergonomic handles. This prevents the scissors from slipping and allows you to use the strength of your whole hand. The large, grippy handles are good for those with arthritis.

How to Use

Unlock the green safety catch and squeeze the scissors to cut through meat, poultry bones etc. If required, wash with warm soapy water and allow to dry and then squeeze handles together to re-lock to keep safe when not in use.

Features of the Kitchen Shears

  • Large, non-slip handles
  • Integral spring (it won’t fall out) that automatically re-opens scissors after use
  • The serrated blade grips the item being cut
  • Easy-to-use safety catch keeps the shears closed when they are not in use
  • The shaped blade makes light work of cutting poultry bones

These kitchen shears compliment our range of right-angled knives. The knives come in all-purpose, bread and carving styles.


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