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Grip Toggles

Grip Toggles


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These multi-use Grip Toggles are ideal for those with limited hand function. This may be due to arthritis, hand tremors or Parkinson’s. To use the toggles you will need a degree of finger dexterity to hold the stalk between 2 fingers. Use these toggles to help grip a whole range of everyday products, making life easier around the home and office.

The toggles come in two sizes – and each 4-pack has two of each! The green toggles have a 14 mm hole and the blue ones have a 8mm hole. This means they can fit most everyday handheld items. Simply pop your spoon, paintbrush or any small diameter item into the toggle and use the stretchy stalk of the Grip Toggle to hold the items securely in your hand.

The top of the Grip Toggle features a suction cup which allows them to pull open doors, microwaves and dishwashers. You can also use them to open laptops and pull items towards you. Simply suction the toggle to any smooth surface and use the loop to pull.

These Grip Toggles are made of soft, stretchy silicone that gives a secure grip. BPA and Latex Free.

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