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Garden Tool Pack

Garden Tool Pack


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After seeing how much you like the kitchen packs, gym packs and right-angled knives set we have created this Garden Tool Pack! Clearly you are a wise bunch who like to make great savings!

The Garden Tool Pack contains the following:

Cultivator: great for breaking up the soil and weeding

Trowel: get planting new seedlings or dig up unwanted plants

Fork: loosen and turn over soil

Arm Cuff: this slots into the back of either tool to give you more support when gardening

These garden tools have right-angled handles that reduce strain on the wrist by keeping your wrist at a neutral angle. They can be used with our General Purpose gripping aid if you need a firmer grip.

These ergonomically designed garden tools bring accessibility to this hugely popular pastime allowing everyone to get out into the garden

Garden Tool Pack Key Features:

  • Angled Handle – Keeps the hand and wrist in a natural angle which prevents causing discomfort and strain of the wrist
  • Non-Slip Grip – Tool does not require such a firm grip and is less likely to twist in wet or damp conditions
  • Stainless Steel tool – Tool glides smoothly through soil even when wet and stops the tool becoming heavy with the weight of any adhered earth



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